Brookstone plans to continue the beautiful tradition of having luminaries on Christmas Eve (rain date December 31st) The association is selling the materials for the luminaries ( paper bag, votive candle, sand).   We suggest you purchase enough luminaries to place them every 10 feet on your street property line. Most homes require 10, corner lots, 25-30, cul-de-sac lots 3-4. The cost remains $1.00 each, maximum $10.00 if your lot requires more than 10 candles. If you are new to the neighborhood and are unsure you may call, text or e-mail Nance Coby for guidance.

Please consider buying luminaries even if you will be out of town. If that is the case please ask a neighbor to set them up for you. If that is not possible please contact Nance Coby.

Forms will be delivered soon…please fill out the form and return to Nance at 3507 Derby Ridge Way. Checks should be made payable to BHA.

Please return your order form no later than December 9th. Pickup of sand will be announced at a later date.

Nance Coby