A Note from our President, John Owen

Friends & Neighbors,

I write to provide a brief update regarding the ongoing construction along Robious Road. It is anticipated that our front entrance will be significantly impacted very soon. Specifically, the nose of our island (including the Brookstone sign) will be eliminated, plantings near the island will be removed, and one stone pillar to the west will be taken down. Thereafter, water lines will be run under Derby Ridge Way and storm drains will be installed on either side of our front entrance. During this construction there will be flag men assisting with entering and exiting the neighborhood. Please be aware of these workers, and allow extra travel time if necessary. At the conclusion of this scope of work, new curbing around the modified island and on either side of Derby Ridge Way will be installed. All of this work is to be completed in 2017.
When the VDOT construction work impacting our front entrance is completed, we will proceed with HOA projects to revitalize the new island, including signage, electrical, lighting, irrigation, and plantings.

As mentioned above, plantings near the front entrance sign are going to be removed by VDOT in the next week. If any HOA member is interested in taking possession of a planting(s), instead of its being discarded, you are free to do so. We only ask that you contact me, Steve Young or Debbie Ramos to confirm which you’d like to remove.

Thanks again for your trust and confidence in your Board and Committee Chairs. We appreciate the opportunity to assist the HOA in these endeavors.

John Owen, President
Brookstone Homeowners Association

Posted Notices


This summer, we were excited to install new stop sign posts and new signage at the front entrance, along with a new message board. As you can imagine, this was a significant investment for the neighborhood. In an effort to keep signs and posts looking great, the Board would like to request that everyone please refrain from taping anything to the new signs/posts in the neighborhood.

BHA is happy to send out messages regarding issues pertaining to the neighborhood, including notices for missing pets or personal items. To send a message, please email our Communications Chairs, Dave & Jill King, at dave-jill@gotking.com. To post a sign, please contact Nancy Coby at nancedellaol.com and she will put a note on the announcement board at the neighborhood entrance.

Thank you!

Bus Stop Etiquette


In addition to concerns about traffic speed in the neighborhood, there have been concerns about bus stop safety as well. Please be sure that your kids are paying attention to the neighborhood traffic while they are waiting for the bus or walking to/from the bus stop. If a car is coming, it stands to reason that they should move out of the road to let the car pass.

Footbridge Repairs

Construction worker tool belt

Please be advised that the pedestrian footbridge outside the neighborhood on Robious Road will be repaired sometime in November.

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